Assistive Technology and Learning Outcome of Students with Visual Impairment in Social Studies among Inclusive Schools in Nigeria

  • Komolafe Adebayo Francis University Of Ibadan
Keywords: Assistive Technology, Visual Impairment, Learning outcome, Social Studies, Inclusive Schools.


Social Studies was introduced into Nigerian schools to solve some social ills. Students with visual impairment as part of the society cannot be exempted. Students with visual impairment make use of audio and non-optical devices while learning social studies concepts without which outcomes in this seemingly important subject area may be impeded thereby negating the objectives in which the subject area was introduced into the school system. Many authors had dwelt on utilisation, availability of assistive technology. There is a scant study on social studies learning outcomes. Therefore, this study examined audio and non-optical devices and learning outcomes of students with visual impairment among some inclusive schools in Lagos State, Nigeria. Survey research design of the correlational type was employed. Three hundred students with visual impairment were randomly selected from 3 Inclusive Secondary Schools from each of the 16 Local Educational Districts in Lagos State. The instrument includes the use of Audio and Non-optical Devices for the Students with Visual Impairment Questionnaire (r.0.8.4). Data were analysed using Descriptive Statistics, Mean, parametric Statistics of Correlation and multiple regression models at 0.05 level of significance. It was revealed that there was a positive correlation (r=0.363) among the two independent variables (use of audio and non-optical devices) on the dependent variables (Social Studies Learning outcome) of the students with visual impairment. Also, it revealed that audio devices strongly determined the social studies learning outcomes of the students with visual impairment (.:200). It was found that non-optical devices also had a strong link with the social studies learning outcomes of students with visual impairment. Audio and non-optical devices are very potent in the determination of social studies learning outcomes of students with visual impairment in Lagos State, Nigeria. Therefore, the use of audio and non-optical devices be encouraged in the Nigerian Secondary Schools.