Work Environment and Provision of Instructional Facilities as Correlates of Academic Staff Job Performance in Nigerian Universities

  • Babatope Kolade Oyewole Ekiti State University
  • Babatope Bukola Arogundade Ekiti State University
  • Bashiru Olalekan Sadiku Ekiti State University
Keywords: Instructional materials, Work environment, Universities, Academic staff, Job performance.


This study investigated work environment and provision of instructional facilities as correlates of academic staff job performance in Nigerian universities. Descriptive research of survey design was used to carry out this study. The population of the study consisted of all academic staff in all the public universities in Southwest, Nigeria. The researchers utilised two sets of research instruments titled Academic Staff Job Performance Questionnaire (ASJPQ) and Infrastructure, Allocated Funds and Job Performance Questionnaire (IAFJPQ) for students and lecturers respectively. Data analyses indicated that there is a significant relationship between work environment and academic staff job performance and also a significant relationship between the provision of instructional facilities and academic staff job performance. Based on the findings, it was concluded that adequate attention should be paid to work environment and provision of instructional materials by the universities management for effective teaching and learning process in the universities. Recommendations were made on the need by the government to improve on the funding of the universities in order to ensure good quality in the instructional delivery.